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Jan 23, 2020

Which picture represents worship to you? Do you find God in quiet prayer? Is it the music that really speaks to you? Do you feel at home with a tambourine or clapping along to the music? Or do you experience God most profoundly in communion?

Chances are the person sitting next to you in the pew on Sunday picked a different picture. For some of us, worship is quiet and reflective. For others it is a celebration! For some it is more visual. And for others it is all about the words or the music. 

When the worship team meets to plan worship together, we also reflect on what is working and what isn’t. We share concerns we have heard from the congregation and this often results in changes for the next series or a redesign to the bulletin or simply an awareness of something we hadn’t considered. Keep sharing with us! This is really important! 

BUT -- there are other times when the concerns we bring to the table are in direct opposition to things we have heard from others. So, I want to explain why we include  creative ideas and new music. Our goal is to engage the worship theme with several musical styles, moving visuals, responsive activities, engaging drama, and powerful words. Why? Because what moves you might not move the person sitting next to you. 

Next week, ask someone outside your closest friends what part of the service felt the most connected to God. You just might be surprised by their answer. It might be the part that seemed the least spiritual to you. So, next time we sing a song you really hate, remember that your neighbor is encountering God in that moment. Worship with them so they can worship with you. 

The Lord be with you. 

Pastor Michelle

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