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Jeremiah 31:27-34
We make a commitment every time we sign a contract or promissory document. Our signature becomes our seal, our promise to hold up our part of the deal. At the same time, paper is paper. It is not permanent in the sense that it can be torn up or burned. Does this nullify the agreement? Perhaps. What if our signature was on something more permanent? 
God’s covenant with the Israelites was originally written in stone. We know this covenant as the Ten Commandments. Unfortunately, these stone tablets were easy to forget about. Rarely did individuals in the community see them. There was only one set. The people were detached from the covenant. They may have memorized God’s law, but it wasn’t something that lived within their hearts every day. Stone may be permanent for the community, but it isn’t the same as a tattoo that is written on each individual. A tattoo is both permanent and personal. 
Join us Sunday at 8am or 10am as we consider God’s new covenant, a personal covenant tattooed on the hearts of the people. A new beginning. A new kind of relationship. 

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