Vacation Bible School 2020

"Hello Families! As online school activities come to a close and summer plans don't seem quite what they used to, take a load off knowing there will still be something to look forward with this summers virtual VBS! Please fill out the form below to let us know how to better serve you and your children through VBS this summer. Filling out the form will help us gain insight as to what platform the community has available, what is the best method of contact during this time, and how to get you materials if needed. This form is only to help us set up the best possible virtual platform for the children to learn and experience VBS as independently as possible. Closer to August a registration  form will come that will include full registration details, sign-up and contact information. If you should have an questions or concerns in the meantime, or are interested in becoming a member of this years VBS team, please do no hesitate to contact Joanna at (570) 251-1386." Click here to access.

We have started the new curriculum called FaithWeavers from Group Publishing.   It is an intergenerational curriculum which includes materials which include a parent or guardian. 

We have setup  3 Sunday School classes as an experiment, hoping to have more children in each class to make them feel more like a group.  We would like to know what you think about the curriculum and the classes.
Your children/youth  are precious.  The focus is to invite children and youth to experience all of the joy and the love of building a relationship with God and knowing His story. 
Thank you so much for bringing your children/youth.
The Sunday School Teachers

Our church and other churches have policies and procedures which reduce the risk of child abuse, youth abuse, and vulnerable adults abuse. We call it Safe Sanctuaries.  The objectives are to keep children, youth, and vulnerable adults away from any predators. In order to use these procedures and the policies, every 5 years we renew our 3 clearances and after we have the clearances, we take Safe Sanctuaries Training.
We are blessed with many of our people who want to be part of one or more of our programs which interact with children, youth or vulnerable adults .  Now, we are first listing, HUMC Staff,  Sunday School Teachers,  and Adult Leaders for the HUMC Youth Group.  There are a  lot of us. As soon as we get things going, we will contact you. It will help a lot if you can give us the names and dates of the clearances which you have now. If you can text that to me, that would be great.   
Thank you all,
Jane Cullum 
443 373 9056

Honduras Needs Our Help

We have established a fund to help our friends in Honduras who are suffering from the effects of COVID-19. Our ministry partner, MDM, is seeking help to bring desperately needed food and medicine to the residents of San Matias.  The country has been in lockdown for weeks and the government’s travel restrictions, make it difficult, if not impossible, to reach the outlying villages.  The local leaders have found a vendor that will assist in bringing food to the mountain.  Please consider making a donation to HUMC and earmark it to MDM COVID-19 Response Fund for this purpose.

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