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Family Praying

Camp Scholarships Available

Did you know our annual conference has three summer camps (Greene Hills, Wesley Forrest, and Camp Penn) and a retreat center (Mt Asbury)? The three Susquehanna Conference camps offer one week overnight camps for children and youth finishing grades 2-12. Plus, a few parent/child and grandparent/child camps for younger kids! In addition to the three Susquehanna Conference camps, there are also two camps near us in other conferences: Pocono Plateau and Sky Lake.

Church camp played a significant role in my own faith formation as a camper at the UM camp in Maine, so I am passionate about sending children and youth to camp. I encourage you to look at your summer calendar and consider sending your campers to one of our church camps this summer. The church, through endowment funds, will cover 50% (up to $200) for one week of camp per HUMC camper at Greene Hills, Wesley Forrest, Camp Penn, Sky Lake, or Pocono Plateau. 

Send an email to or to request a scholarship. Please include camper name, camp site, week and total cost. 

Volunteers Needed for Summer Movie Nights!

Do you like movies? We are working on a summer movie series for the community on 2nd and 4th Fridays in July and August. (with Saturday rain dates) "Blacktop Cinema" is scheduled to take place in the church parking lot. Children 12 & under must be accompanied by an adult and youth ages 13-18 will need a permission slip with contact information.
I'm looking for 2 households to sign-up as hosts for each weekend. Can you help make popcorn, provide drinks, and set up the movie (tutorial provided) on one of these Fridays (sat rain date)? July 9, July 23, Aug 13 and Aug 27.
Please msg the church or Pastor Michelle with questions or to sign up. You can also email

 The Hawley UMC Care Team 

The Hawley UMC Care Team is a lay-ministry made up of individuals who commit themselves to the service of other members and friends, expressing concern and care for one another during times of illness, grief and other stressors, as well as times of celebration and joy. 


Sojourner Takeout
1st & 3rd Saturday of the month from 11:30-12:30!

 The Hawley UMC Food Pantry 

Hawley Community Pantry Hours

GIFT CARDS needed: You can help the pantry by donating $25 gift cards to Weis, IGA, or Dave's SuperDuper! We will give out these gift cards in place of vouchers for the first three months of the year while the pantry team gets organized. 
We will also be collecting monetary donations for the pantry Easter Ham & Fixings giveaway.


Pantry Update:
The Bridge... 


Traffic on a bridge goes both ways. Pedestrians stop in the middle to greet each other. Food, stories, faith, and friendship are exchanged via the bridge. It connects people to others. The pantry team is excited about the image of a bridge that becomes a nourishing, cooperative partnership between the congregation and the community. Honestly, we have no idea what this bridge looks like, but we hope you will join us in the excitement and possibilities ahead in 2021. 


Honduras Needs Our Help


We have established a fund to help our friends in Honduras who are suffering from the effects of COVID-19. Our ministry partner, MDM, is seeking help to bring desperately needed food and medicine to the residents of San Matias.  The country has been in lockdown for weeks and the government’s travel restrictions, make it difficult, if not impossible, to reach the outlying villages.  The local leaders have found a vendor that will assist in bringing food to the mountain.  Please consider making a donation to HUMC and earmark it to MDM COVID-19 Response Fund for this purpose.


Honduras Reunion Part 1: Meet the Kids
Saturday, June 5, 2021 at 1 PM

Join us as we visit virtually with the children of MDM Honduras! This is Part 1 of Honduras Reunion at HUMC. Saturday June 5th at 1pm will focus on the children of Honduras. Current sponsors will have the chance to see and talk with their kids! Anyone interested in learning more about child sponsorship or MDM Honduras is encouraged to join us.
We hope to be outside for this event with tents in the church parking lot.

Honduras Reunion Part 2 - Projects & Outreach
Sunday, June 6, 2021 at 3 PM

Join us as we visit virtually with the paid and volunteer staff of MDM Honduras! This is Part 2 of Honduras Reunion Weekend at HUMC. Sunday June 6th at 3pm will focus on previous HUMC projects and current ministries on the ground in Honduras. We expect to have updates on previous projects and some Q&A time with the staff. Past and future team members will enjoy this reunion. Want to learn more about MDM Honduras? Join us for this virtual update on their ministry.
We hope to be outside for this event with tents in the church parking lot.